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    The 17th National Congress of the Chinese Society of Cell Biology
    The 17th National Congress of the Chinese Society of Cell Biology and the 2019 National Academic Conference • Tianjin
    Date & Time: April 9-12, 2019.
    ADD.  :Tianjin Society Hill Conference Center
    Our Booth:31
    The National Academic Conference of the Chinese Society of Cell Biology is a comprehensive brand academic conference sponsored by the Chinese Society of Cell Biology. It has formed a scale and great influence. It is currently the academic level with the highest academic level in the field of cell biology in China. The conference invited famous experts and academicians at home and abroad as well as top cell biologists from all fields to report on the conference. It is expected that 2,000 representatives from all over the country will attend the conference, covering cell engineering and transgenic, cell signal transduction, cell structure and Cell behavior, immunity, cell therapy, stem cells, medicine, functional genomic informatics and systems biology. During the conference, the participating companies, manufacturers and institutions will provide venues for commercial booths, various forms of commercial advertising, session reports and special satellite conferences, as well as exchange platforms between projects to showcase the company's strength, promote company products and negotiate. Cooperation provides a rare business opportunity.

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